Couchfire Collective

Couchfire Celebrates 5 Years, Selects New Leadership
July 15, 2011, 3:26 am
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The Couchfire Collective was founded in 2006 by a small group of visual artists as a way to share common ideas and a common “home” in Junctionview Studios. This union quickly grew and expanded its efforts into being a developing force in the Columbus arts community. Since its inception, Couchfire has had dozens of members who have each uniquely contributed to the groups growth. The group has developed some of the city’s memorable art events, such as Agora, Independents’ Day, AHoles, Treasure Swap, Feast and many others.

Recently, the collective celebrated it’s 5th birthday.

Over that time period, much of the guidance for the group has been provided by Adam Brouillette. He has served as president for the group since its formation, promoting collaboration and innovation through the groups activities. Over the past year, he has taken a role as Executive Director of Wonderland Columbus.
“The Columbus arts community has developed in ways I would have never thought. If Couchfire had anything to do with that, then I am honored to have been part of its growth. However, it is imperative that I not hold the reins forever” said Brouillette.
Taking over leadership of the group is Bryan Kossmann, who has been with the group for 2 years.  Bryan’s experience working on Couchfire’s events and his enthusiasm for the Columbus community have lead him to be a natural fit for the role.
“I am excited to take on this responsibility.  While the direction of the group may change in the coming months, our core values will remain the same.  We look forward to continuing the traditions that we have built as well as taking on some new challenges.  I am grateful for the leadership and guidance that Adam has provided and I look forward to serving the Collective as well as the local creative community.” said Kossman.
In the coming months, Couchfire will be setting its new direction and developing its initiatives under Kossmann’s leadership. The popular events that Couchfire is known for will not go away, but may be transitioned to other groups who’s mission is in line with each activity. It is the intention of the group to continue to develop collaborative experiences for the Columbus arts community.

Any questions regarding the collective or its development can be directed to


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