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Upcoming events!
September 14, 2010, 4:26 pm
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So, you say this weekend will be like every other weekend….nothing to do but be bored and watch TV-WRONG!

First, there’s Friday night(tomorrow!).  Fort Shame(one of the bands Bryan Kossmann plays drums in) will be playing with the Woosley Band and Angela Perley at the Treehouse.  The fun starts at 10pm and it’s only $5 to get in. facebook

Second, there’s all day Saturday!  That’s right, starting at noon, Independent’s Day 2010 begins!  There will be food, drinks, art, music, and a whole lot more.  The whole shebang will be on Gay St. between High and 3rd and the festival bleeds onto Lynn and Pearl alleys.  We here at Couchfire will have art on display in the Grip Technologies space on Gay St.  Stop in and say hi!  Oh and if you have a good time and happen to run into Wolf Starr-let him know and thank him for his hard work this year.  Let all of your friends know that you’re going and invite them to come along on facebook. Full details for the festival can be found on the ID10 website.

Okay, so we’ll let you rest on Sunday, and Monday too, but Tuesday night should be another great event.  We’ve had our art on display at the Artillery space in the South Campus Gateway for a couple of weeks and we’re having our closing reception on Tuesday night(it’s also the celebration of our 4th anniversary!).  OAL has a show opening that night too, and Artillery will be hosting their monthly artist market as well.  And if that’s not enough, there will also be music from Bell Acoustic, The Shrewdness of Apes, The Little Professors, Karate Coyote, and The Wet Darlings.  Check it out on facebook!

That’s about it for now, keep your eyes and ears open for news on upcoming events like Feast II and Viewfinder!