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April 29, 2010, 12:38 am
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treasure swap

That’s right, Treasure Swap be upon us again, me mateys!  Swap yer junk for other junk, errr, Treasure!

Pirate talk aside, drop off your unwanted stuff at Junctionview Studios on Thursday May 6 or Friday May 7 and receive one gold dubloon!  What will that buy you?  Free admission on May 8 where you can pillage to your heart’s content!  No seriously-you get to take the stuff that other people dropped off!  Looking to just ADD to the pile in the basement/garage/attic?  You can come by on the 8th as well.  Early parrot admission is $10 and gets you in from 8-10am.  After that, it’s a mere $5 to come and take stuff.

Drop off dates:

May 6th 5pm-10pm

May 7th 3pm-8pm

Treasure Swap 2010:

May 8th 8am-3pm

It’ll be a swashbucklin’ good time!



April 19, 2010, 2:47 am
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We had a blast at Art School Throwdown pt. 1!  There was Jeopardy, chair building and canvas stretching.  Not to mention some cool art and good food.  Part 2 is this coming Saturday at the OAL Gallery in the South Campus Gateway.  On display will be the works that jurors Denny Griffith and Karen Bell selected as well as the results of the chair building and canvas stretching competitions.  6-11 this coming saturday-don’t miss your chance to vote for the people’s choice award and see who gets selected for a cash prize!  Hope the sunshine is treating you all well.

Oh yeah, have you registered for Agora 7 yet?


Agora 7
April 6, 2010, 4:49 pm
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So maybe you were fooled and didn’t actually check to see if the Agora site was up and running for this year….maybe you weren’t.  The good news is that Agora 7 is fast approaching and the registration sites are now open.


Vendors of all kinds


film/video artists should e-mail

musicians and bands should e-mail time is limited, but we’re building a list for both this and future events)

performers other than musicians should e-mail

if you would like to be a sponsor in one way or another, please e-mail and learn how this can be mutually beneficial for your business and our event.

We’re all excited about this year’s Agora and we hope you are too.  Further information and full details can be found at  Once you’ve registered, invite your friends to come and see your art/music/wares/food/whatever.  At the very least, save the date(May 22) for a day of local food, music and art.


Art School Throwdown!
April 6, 2010, 3:57 am
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Hey all you college types!  Registration for the Art School Throwdown is open until the 13th of April.  This is your reminder that you should register.  It is only 5 dollars and you’re guaranteed that all the pieces you submit will hang for the first round on April 17th at Junctionview studios.  There will be chair building, a canvas stretching race, and art history Jeopardy!  Jurors will be judging works in different categories including painting, drawing, print making, film, sculpture and more.  Selected works will go on to hang at the OAL gallery on April 24th.  Best of all, there will be cash prizes!  Remember the only way to win anything is to enter.  Full details and registration here!  Once you’ve registered, why not invite all of your friends?

Hoping to find out more stuff about Agora 7?  Too bad-you’ll just have to keep checking back….

-Bryan K.