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Independents’ Day 2009
August 29, 2009, 8:35 pm
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Hello all you folks out there keeping tabs on our comings and goings!  This is Kevin W. here with an update on ID09  for you!  This is my first time posting to the CF blog and I hope that my ramblings are not so boring that you navigate away and on to some other worthy site like… Well, something else.

To start, let’s talk bands and music!  We have 14 confirmed bands thus far, one band I locked in myself today!  Those bands are:

-Flotation Walls
-The Lindsay
-Bush League All-Stars
-You’re So Bossy
-Karate Coyote
-Shin Tower Music
-Six Gallery
-Couch Forts
-D Rob
-Andy Shaw Band
-Sade Sade
-Tin Armor.

The COLUMBUS MUSIC CO-OP deserves a big hand for wrangling some of these bands as do THE OUTER SOUNDS and CENTRAL CITY RECORDING !

A veritable mélange of musical tastes and offerings!  But just hang on to your hats as more are coming or in the works!  I am sure some of you out there are familiar with these guys as they are all local musicians and that is perfection considering what ID09 is all about!

But ID09 is not only about music!  No!  We are about


 One collaborative effort this year will see  Via Colori spread out all over the ID09 area!  That’s right, watch your step as you navigate the day’s festivities or you may just wander into a work of chalk art!

Are you one to feel hungry and/or thirsty during a day chock-full of art, music and browsing? Well never fear, we have you covered! Thanks in part to DINE ORIGINALS and other local eateries you will not have to want for delicious, locally made nosh! Thanks to Mr. Lessner for getting the foodies together!

I promise to keep all of you updated on the goins-on of ID09 and what I and the rest of the Couchfire team are up to, so


this bloggy blog, check back often and let us know your thoughts!

Also, check in on the INDEPENDENTS’ DAY 2009 WEBSITE for updates, to participate or to volunteer! See you there, Columbus-onians!

Kevin W.


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